Lee's Premium Deer Processing

Makers of Premium Venison Sausages and Other Fine Venison Products

238 Hwy 51 Ridgeland, MS (In the old Bumpers Building)

We will accept meat through February 2, 2017 and close for the season February 9, 2017. All freezers will be turned OFF at that point for the season.

Proudly Serving You in Ridgeland, MS. (In the old Bumpers Building) We are professional venision processors, since 1998! All we need is your deer meat to make wonderful link sausages, burgers, tenderized steaks, smoked stuffed bacon wrapped backstraps, venison sticks, summer sausages, fresh market patty sausage, sliced bacon, Salisbury steak patties, jerky, and more. We vacuum pack and pressure pack your products in small, convenient packages to ensure you have a quality product when you pull it out of the freezer months from now. Every order is important to us and we sincerely appreciate your business! We will even skin your deer for free before we process it.

Look For Several New Products. We now make Jerky, Pineapple & Cheese Link, and Salisbury Seasoned Burger!

We are closed on Sundays so that our employees have the opportunity to go to Church and spend time with their families also.

Since we are a seasonal business, we are now open Monday thru Friday from 9am-6pm, and closed on weekends. We will continue to accept meat thru February 2, 2017, and will turn off our freezers and close for the season on February 9, 2017 until October. Please be prepared to pick your meat up quickly when you drop it off. As always, we certainly appreciate your business, thank you!